Jochen Ansorge

The actor Jochen Ansorge

Jochen was from a famous theatrical family and already played leading roles at the Schiller Theater when I did his portraits.

I knew Jochen from the room in the Eden Saloon that was reserved for the great Gypsy singer Fannia. Whenever Fannia deigned to come in and perform, we were always both there. Fannia played only when she felt like it and Ralph Eden, who adored her, simply kept the room ready for her any time.

Jochen, who was very musical, adored Fannia's Russian and middle-eastern Gypsy songs. Fannia was the best ever. Really. Truly. So we and a number of friends spent many great evenings with her, and all became very close.

For an expressive face, Jochen couldn't be matched.

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