Boy with a fly on his nose


I apologize to anyone who minds an ego. But I have one, and I consider this the most wonderful, most spontaneous, and most successful photo of a child ever taken.

It was on the NJ Beach, where I spent a weekend with family at an Aunt's beach house during my visit to the US in 1962. I was photographing my nieces and nephew on the beach, when I clearly saw this boy with the fly on his nose, pointed the camera at him, Messraster-focused quite instantly (the Messraster allows fussing back and forth with the focus), took exactly one single shot, and got exactly what I saw. And because the focus is on the boy's eye, even though it is closed, the expression is absolutely accurate and with full plasticity.

I have never seen anything quite this photo's equal and don't think I ever will. It is simply spectacular. Perfect.

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