This is my favorite photo, of all the photos I know in this world. It is so delicate and deep, that I hesitate to post it on the Internet, where there is no standardization of image quality or even monitor-viewing quality or adjustment. The expression is so delicate, that even the slightest change in the image tone or any other partameter can wreck the content.

The content:

This is a photo of someone whose visitor had just left to go back to the East. After saying goodbyes, etc., and waiting until her loved one vanished out of sight, the woman stepped back to get a glimpse of the scene/happenings before leaving. But while I watched, something miraculous came over her, and I knew that she had reached that detaached state where she was overseeing and getting a glimpse into the whole event from the spiritual point of view, as only a Berliner of that time could. Her ephemeral facial expression, which is clearly both smiling on her left side and sad on her right side, reflects the whole bittersweet and mystical overview of what God had created in that event. The whole, exquisite, refined, extraordinarily delicate resignation with the human condition. I have learned the most from this magnificent photo. I never tire of looking into her amazingly illuminated eyes. Never.

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