The Brandenburg Gate from the East side, right after the border was closed, before the Wall was built. Army trucks blocked the portals of the Brandenburg Gate and everyone, East Army and civilians East and West wandered aimlessly in disbelief.

Even the weather mourned.

This sad day is now long forgotten, except, I am sure, by those trapped over there and those who so bravely fought to try to get them out. And those like me, who had access to both East and West, and brought those we knew as many of the things unavailable there as we could safely bring.....until it all become too depressing and most of those over there became resigned to their fate.

Until this momentous day, there was always a place on Earth where East and West, communist and Free World mingled relatively freely. After this border closing that all shriveled and, for the most part, died.

The opening due to Reagon was by far his greatest work, though even that is now overshadowed and nearly forgotten.

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