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East Berlin May Day Parade

These May Day photos were made before I had Messrasters for my 35mm cameras. They are, focus-wise, inaccurate, compared to most other photos on this site, most of which other photos were focused with the Messraster focusing device (see the paper on focus at

However, the photos are a documentary of a police state trying manically to enjoy itself, or to act like it is enjoying itself, and I feel that I made excellent artistic lemonade out of a universal technical lemon, namely the inability of almost all cameras to focus accurately. After all, I did photograph before I had the Messraster. However, art is control. Controlled order. Without control, sound or images are simply noise or formlessness, except by where they are art by accident. The Messraster freed me artistically and technically, giving my art the requisite control.

But these images remain worthwhile as my artistic interpretations of a particular quality within an age.

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May Day

Unhappy Party Official

Sad Woman, Happy Child

Exhausted Foreigners

Bicycle Race

Young Girl and Threatening Faces

A Little Bit of Protection

East German Border Guard

Scowling Couple


Jeu de Polizei

Good Old May Day Fun and Games

Weigel Waving to Crowd


Divertissement in the Western Sector

Children of the May Day, East Berlin

Leaders of the Eastern World

East Statue

Guards at Border

Forlorn in the Midst of the May Day

The East Berlin Police Station, May Day

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