Staebe Saeger was the largest women's wear clothing manufacturer in Germany.

They were not haute couture, but they were upscale, made better clothes, and had a lot of business and advertizing.....which was a thorn in my flesh, namely, because when it came to the big, lucrative catalog photographing contracts, they never approached me.

But when the two queens wanted their own photos taken to look their best by the best around, they came to me. I flat out asked why they didn't use me for their money-making work, but came to me for their own photos and they said they thought I wouldn't have done such inartistic, purely commercial photo work as a catalog. I didn't believe them. IMO, they just didn't want to make waves and do things differently with someone entirely new.

Well, to make a long story shorter, I gave them a price for the portraits that was meant to make them choke and do without my work. But lo and behold, they didn't blink and commissioned the portraits.

So, what did one do with two older, not all that attractive, touchy gay men whom everyone knew had lived together for decades, yet were trying to act straight, but not really, and couldn't have if they had 
wanted to.

Well, the answer is nothing all that much. I did manage some quite respectable shots. But when they trotted out the classic poodle, things got very extravagant.

This was one they liked and could really use in the straight world.

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