Lothar was my "friend" for about a year ca. 1965-7. He was the only such male "friend" I have ever had for any really extended period of time.

Lothar was truly a beautiful child of post-war Berlin. His near-perfect body was from dancing, which Berliners did seemingly more than most, to relieve the tensions of living within the divided city 
inside the Communism zone. Born after the war, he lived through the airlift and all the tensions, drama, deprivations, fears, and problems of that most remarkable isolated city.

These photos, which I am scanning and using for the first time ever, bring back especially bittersweet memories, as he was one of the people, and a magnificent example of a very rare type of person that 
lived in that city. So many, especially those born after the war had a particular distinct beauty of soul that came from suffering and difficulties not of their making.

We remained good friends on good terms always.


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