The model was staring emptily (meditatively) into the camera. His head was supported from behind so he could stay still without effort.nose and bone structure of the forehead and the hair.

The photo on the right is focused exactly on the iris of the eye.

The photo on the left is focused a bit to the front. One can see the shift in sharpness most clearly on the eyebrows and the hair.

With an LCD monitor, it is important to have one's head directly in front of each image to see it accurately. The slight change in brightness from viewing off-center with an LCD monitor will change 
the image and the expression. It might be best to print out the images for comparison sake. They are in Adobe RGB 1998 color space.

The first thing one should notice is that the expression changes when the focus shifts forward. The face is more placid and less actively expressive in the right hand photo, focused on the eye. The plasticity is on the eyeball and the viewer's eye is attracted immediately and almost magnetically to the eyes (plasticity is the effect of three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional surface). In the left hand photo, the plasticity has moved forward more to the mouth, which has taken on a more dynamic character, as has the nose and the bone structure of the eyebrows and the hair. The expression has taken on a more dynamic and actively expressive character, due to the greater emphasis of the mouth, tip of the nose, and forehead, etc.

The photo on the right is an accurate depiction of the model at that moment. He was simply staring emptily and inexpressively into the camera. The photo on the left is a falsification of his expression, which had none of the somewhat more dynamic character of that photo.

This comparison was scanned simultaneously from two matched prints, side by side on a tabloid-sized scanner. No manipulation whatsoever was applied during or after the scan. I even left the few blemishes on the prints. They will also be posted in larger resolution, for those who can view it that way.


© 2006 Mark B. Anstendig. All rights reserved.

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