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Grainy, but not as grainy as the previous photo, the eye in this photo clearly is the focused plane of the photo. One clearly see the three-dimensional effect, wherein the eyelid clearly is in front of the eyeball, the curve of the eyeball, where the focus lies, stands out and the various distance planes in the eye have a particular effect of three-dimensionality on the two-dimensional surface that only occurs at the focal plane. And the expression of the photo of precise and exactly the expression of this very precious doggy. Now that truly only occurs when the focal plane is precisely focused on the most important subject-point, in this case the nearest eyeball. And graininess and even moderate differences in resolution or relatively poor resolution, as in these photos, make little difference. The effect still comes through clearly. This is the true precision of photography, which has been missing in photos since the beginning of the art, and only now is a sometimes thing with newest auto-focusing cameras, a lot of stopping down, and no assurance of success in achieving it, except when using the Canon top-of-the-line 48-sensor auto-focusing cameras, using only one sensor at a time and placing that sensor exactly on the most important subject plane. And those cameras cannot focus over the whole image screen, nor is the sensor small enough for a great many subjects. Modern auto-focusing devices that average or calculate movement, etc., are absolutely not precise in this respect and achievement of true focus remains pure chance with such devices, including the top-of-the-line Canon cameras when used in those modes. That is simply the pure realities of physics.

These photos were taken in very low overcast lighting conditions (the first) and available lighting conditions, (the second), with relatively fast shutter speeds to assure no shake and very large apertures, which narrow apparent depth of field.

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