Unfortunately, after forty years of non-use, things get misplaced, including some of my negatives. So far, we have not found the negatives for JP Marty's photos. But I do have the contact sheets and that is what we will have to settle for at the moment.

Jean-Pierre Marty was special. During his years when I knew him in NYC, mid '50s, he was darling. Pixyish, delightful, charming, and with a manner all his own that ingratiated him with everyone. The purse of his lips when he spoke, the way he held himself, all pure charm.  And with an amazing depth of being underneath. Simply amazing.

Jean-Pierre has written what I consider the most important book in all music.....the book that holds the key very firmly and scientifically, I might add, to all tempo markings of the 18th and 19th centuries and even up to our own century. It is called "The Tempo Indications of Mozart".

These contact sheets are from when Jean-Pierre visited me in Berlin during the early to mid '50s. They are photographed in and around my photo studio.

Jean-Pierre had been with Nadia Boulanger before he came to NYC. When I got my German Government Grant and went immediately to Paris to work with Boulanger, Jean-Pierre picked me up at the airport, took me to introduce me to Boulanger, and then took to to the apartment of Eric MacLeod, a Pathe Marconi executive who managed Sir Thomas Beecham in France, where Jean-Pierre had arranged for me to stay. Though not exactly luxury, the apartment was a block or so from the Arc de Triumph, which was quite convenient and special.

Jean-Pierre is one of those special people whom I really regret not being able to stay in close touch with all the time. We have remained in touch over the years, but we are seldom near enough to each other 
to remain in close touch.

Hopefully his negatives will show up. But until then, I will add more contacts.


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