Suzanne was glorious. But few got to know that.

In general, Suzanne came off as slightly eccentric, talkative, light-headed, and not ultimately serious.

But, to those who got close, one of the wonders of the world was just how quickly Suzanne could come down to earth, rock solid and penetratingly discerning, when anything warranted it. She could turn it all off in a twinkling and become as sober, calm, "cool" and perceptive as any Guru, mystic, great musician or any great person.

But Suzanne's glory was her free mind and personality. This photo IS Suzanne the way those who knew her loved her. She was the UR-free soul, of which all the younger hippies and flower children and other seekers of the 50's and 60's didn't even have an inkling. And she balanced her freedom of personality with the seriousness of life, with two difficult, challenged children, whom she raised better than all the more modern capabilities and theories of today couldn't manage, and many other hard blows of life. In other words, she knew sorrow and tragedy and every other negativity of this world, and yet the soul in the above photo was her core, and it never wavered. I guess it was her great artistic spirit that triumphed.

And I am overjoyed that I was able to capture it, so that I have it always.

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