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Axel Radke

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I adored Axel. Just study that face in these photos: it is absolutely genuine, natural,fleetingly of the moment, and exquisite, without being pretty. It is really a moment in time. And they are posed!!!!!!

I met many who could go from one expression to the other, be animated, be exceptional. But no one like Axel who could do it all seemingly without effort. He could get into any mood or attitude one asked of him....and even make it better. Could interact with anyone in any situation. Had a perfect, totally natural-looking body.

The perfect model. Except for one thing: he was also the true Berliner free spirit. He did what he wanted, when he wanted to do it. And if something didn't interest him, he didn't do it. It was that simple. He could survive on anything, anywhere, any time. That he learned from the war and the occupation afterwards. He liked doing things new, or different, and did not like repeating himself.

Me he got along with. We never had anything sexual at all. But we liked each other and I was as free and unfettered in my photography as he was in his life, always interested in the next thing different. So we got along and I could always count on him, since my projects with him never were routine.

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