Ron Henggeler

Ron justifies my existence. Ron has been in San Francisco studying and working with me since the early 70's. He came still in his teens and has become a true artist of enormous sensitivity, sensibility and very direct inspiration. He supports himself as a waiter (presently in one of the finest restaurants in San Francisco, on Nob Hill) so that he can keep his art completely free and independent. But even his work as a waiter, he does with the same dedication as he does his art and as he lives his life.

Ron's poster artwork of the 70's and 80's revolutionized poster art in the whole Bay Area and influenced poster art around the world. Built up of amazingly intricate collage work, hand-drawing manipulation and 
much more, most of his posters are, simply put, masterpieces. They capture the essence of even the most elusive subjects. His free sculpture around our present house and our previous dwelling are fun, inventive, inspired and following their progress (they are ongoing, ever-changing artworks) has become one of the true pleasures in the lives of those living around here. His collections of San Francisco memorabilia has become famous and featured on TV. And his other artworks are nothing short of amazing, as well as thoroughly original. Some can be seen at

But the truly special, to me absolutely phenomenal, thing about Ron is that he is the only human being I have ever known who has absolutely no negative thing about him. Not a single negative bone in his very blessed body. He doesn't hate. He doesn't get mad. He does not get angry. If there is ever a situation where a lesser person would get angry, Ron can become sad. But he simply does not have it in him to be angry, mad or ever want to harm anyone or anything.

Recently, with a high-quality digital camera that has an especially accurate focusing system, Ron has also become a superb photographer, as can be seen at


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