In Memorium

Lucius has now joined his beloved brother Max with God.

These two venerable old men of the Sphynx breed were the best thing that has ever happened to me and my housemates. While Sphynxes of that day seldom lived much beyond 10 years of age, Max died at well over 16 and Lucius just died at nearly 18. And they both lived amazingly healthy, trouble-free, pain-free, love-filled lives right up to their final weeks.

Their full pedigree names are:

Jokatta's Lucious Beebe of Whimsey


Jokatta's Maxfield Parrish of Whimsey

Whereby Jokatta is the cattery name for the cattery of Kathy and Joe Speed and Whimsey is my cattery name.

These were two of the very first homozygous, thoroughly hairless Sphynxes in the world at that time. I had bred one other, Belfry's Hermine Gingold of Whimsey, who was totally out of cats of our own breedings. But I did not want to go through many breedings to get to more hairless cats. So I asked Kathy if she had a hairless for me.

Kathy was very young, married to a much older gentleman, and did not fit in well with the typical cat breeders. When she came to San Francisco for a Moscone Center show, she knew few people, so I met her, got her settled into her hotel, and took her to the show, where I was providing the background music to calm the cats. We got along well. So, some time later, when I needed a hairless boy, Kathy was willing to part with one of hers to help me out. Because she was making such a sacrifice in her own breeding program, I also offered to take Max's brother Lucius, who was not totally hairless, but had some peach-fuzz at that time, to keep Max company. Kathy loved that and we got the cats. Lucius quickly lost that little peach fuzz and joined the ranks of the very first thoroughly hairless Sphynxes.

Max sired a number of litters before he was neutered, many of which won top honors in shows and some of which had film careers. The Sphynx, Mr. Bigglesworth, in the Mike Meyers comedies (The Spy that Shagged Me, etc.) was out of his progeny).

We enjoyed two heavenly creatures for a heavenly length of time and for that we are all grateful.

But they will be sorely missed, these two venerable old men of their breed.

Ron Henggeler, in whose rooms the two lived, has many more, better photos of them at under the categories "Animals" and "Around the House". Ron's whole living space was magnificently sculpted for his cats, especially for these two.

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