Our Maggie and Jiggs, ca 1987-8. Two twin Cornish Rexes. sadly, we lost Maggie early on to FIP, which she evidently brought into our cattery, along with a cat from another cattery. That was a very sad time, as we lost a number of marvelous cats.

Jiggs survived and was one of the oddest, most miraculous cats we have had. He would jump  on almost anyone's shoulders and start licking them in the ear at light-speed. It was one of the great experiences of this world. And that was only one of his idiosyncrasies that we adored.

Some of his behavior I attribute to losing his sister, with whom he was enormously close. They were a bonded pair and her loss was a great trauma to him.

Jiggs lived a good 12-13 years and is now terribly missed.

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