"Timothy", lounging near the top of our tall living room super cat tree

When we moved into our present house, there were some alley cats around. One was often in our back yard.

One day, sadly, Mike found that cat run over in the street in front of the house. Later Mike heard some noises in our garage, which is a separate lot and building from the house itself. Some investigation 
found two wild little kittens hiding there in the back of the garage. They were very young, totally wild, and would not come near humans.

After a time, when they were famished, some good food lured them out. After a lot of trying, Mike caught them and brought them into the house, where they have stayed ever since.

They are no longer wild, but will not allow anyone to simply touch them or pet them. If one lies down in Mike's bedroom, they will eventually come over, snuggle down and let one pet them....in which case they can suddenly become extremely demanding of attention. But otherwise, they are apparitions in the house, going and coming wherever they want, playing with all the cat toys around. Timmy drags them all to his special spot, where he hoards them until Mike brings them out again.

But when all is said and done, they are timid little beings and our female Sphynx, Grace, put them in their places the moment Grace came into the house.

Timmy's sister is black and a mere apparition in the house. But Timmy is a sweet, lovable guy, whom I would love to put on my lap and love, which is made all the more bittersweet because he won't let me.

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