Professor Erich Fritz Reuther was one of the three sculptors chosen to do the sculptor work in the Berlin Philharmonic Hall (The "Philharmonie"). Reuther did all he mosaics in the enormous lobby floor.

Reuther and I were close friends. So close, we each had keys to the other's apartment. When I found my photo studio, it was in a marvelous building of sculptor studios, just over the Hallensee Bridge at the end of the Kurfuerstendamm, that was built early in the century by a sculptor and still owned by his family, who lived in East Berlin. The house was built around two large sculptor studios on the first and second floors. Reuther had the first floor studio and I had the second floor studio. I couldn't have had a better neighbor, or lived in a more interesting house. My neighbor on the second floor was (Hans?) Lenneweit (I forget his first name), who was one of the most successful, talented stage designers in Europe (for example, he was chosen to do the stage designs for the Schiller Theater's production of Brecht's play Life of Galileo, which were compared with the magnificent stage design for the same play at the Brecht Theater in East Berlin, and he managed to do something that was totally different, and yet marvelous and original).

I found this studio because two friends of my girlfriend Gisela Mach rented the apartment on the third floor, above my studio and alerted Gisela that the studio was available.

Besides his original sculptor work, Reuther taught at the Hochschule fuer Bildende Kunst (Art conservatory) in Berlin and, together with a partner, owned and ran the finest sculpture foundry in Europe, located in Berlin Dahlem. All the finest pieces by Henry Moore were cast in that foundry during the time I lived in Berlin. This section of this web site contains the whole photo sequence of a small sculpture being cast.


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