Ula Larsson was my favorite model.

A twiggy she wasn't But she could be stunning. She had marvelous humor. And especially, she would do anything legitimate. She wasn't afraid to lie on the struts of the Halensee bridge in the middle of 
the night, lighted by the passing car lights. And she worked superbly with anyone accompanying her in the photos.

I have magnificent photos of her that I love and will eventually post. She was something else, totally, in the best sense of that expression. And one always finished a shoot with her feeling exhilarated and anxious to print the shots and show them to everyone.

And she helped me immensely when I was starting out.....and I never forgot it.

I really loved her.

BTW, while both were Scandinavian, Ula was no relation to the Bernard Larsson, who did some photos of me.

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