Anthony Strilko, the very best!

Tony was my roommate for more than four of my five years at Juilliard, and my best friend throughout my whole life, until his recent unexpected death.

Tony was the very finest human being I have ever met. While I owe my professional training and aesthetic ideals and standards to Jean Morel, I owe just about everything in life and how to live it to Tony. Especially how to be a friend.

Tony had an innate sensitivity and feel for just about everything in life and an extraordinary ability to communicate it to those he felt worth communicating it to. I could always trust Tony's advice and judgement in anything in life that came up. Living with him and remaining a close friend of his turned me into whatever I have become and accomplished in this life. Morel showed me the Olympus, the heights of uncompromising human attainment and ideals. Tony taught me how to live with it and what to do with it.


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