The coming of the new Avatar in the modern age has long been prophesied. That expectation has existed for thousands of years. And the most prevalent expectation has been that this Avatar would be Jewish.

Hitler was very much aware of the expected coming of this Avatar, which was expected by some to be in the last century.

Newly available research on Hitler shows that he, himself, had messianic complexes and wanted, himself, to be this new messiah.

It is known that Hitler and his cronies had access to the clairvoyants of Europe as well as the astrologers.

This author had a close relationship with one of the most famous clairvoyants of Germany, Ursula Kardos (http://anstendig.com/Kardos/kardos_index.html) who told me all about Hitler’s access to such sources.

Ursula Kardos was a Berlin born German. She married the most famous Hungarian musician of the era named Kardos and traveled with him around Europe. But, after a time, she tired of waiting for him in hotel rooms and they parted amicably. She had one son by him, Geza Kardos,

Ursula Kardos had her psychic gift from early childhood. Already as a young child, she predicted that their house would burn, and it did. One of her first big surprises in life was when she found out that others did not have her gift. After that, her father was very protective of her in order to keep her safe. In Berlin, when I knew her during the 60s, she lived alone and isolated in the US “Dahlem” sector in a large villa, which was surrounded by a tall stone wall. She only “advised” the wealthiest of clients like Triumph Lingerie and Dupont, which even brought her to NYC for sessions. The bathrooms in her villa were exact copies of the bathrooms in the NY Hilton Hotel, where she stayed, which had showers with shower nozzles down to the floor and complex tiling, which were exactly duplicated. On Thursday mornings, she “saw” clients for free in the office in her villa. Everyone, of course, left her something to show their appreciation. But only what they could afford.

I met Kardos through my close friend, the fashion designer, Heinz Oestergaard and we became closest friends. Every day at noon I picked her up at her villa and we went to a nearby lake, around which we took a long walk. During that time Kardos told me a lot about Hitler and the Nazi regime’s access to and use of all types of psychic talent throughout Germany. How did she know? Because she herself was used as such and was eventually imprisoned for years in a nearby concentration camp, where she was allowed to remain with detainees who had special privileges, like being allowed to walk the grounds with other such privileged prisoners.

According to Kardos, she was kept alive because Hitler and his cronies made her “advise” them. She says she managed to tell them enough to survive, but nothing really important to the outcome of the war. Not only psychics, but also astrologers were “consulted”.

One of those things they asked Kardos about was the coming of the Jewish Avatar. She told them enough about the Avatar, whom she had “seen” to keep herself alive. What she did not tell them was that, according to what she told me, he was already safely tucked away in the US, out of Hitler’s reach and that the Avatar’s purpose was not for the world, but for purposes of God himself.

However, Kardos insisted that it was clear to her that Hitler wanted to make himself the Avatar and that his persecution and attempt to eliminate all the Jews was for the simple purpose of killing the Avatar and removing the real Avatar as a threat to Hitler’s own ambitions to be the savior.

Kardos was, evidently, quite a chosen being. That is evident by how she escaped the concentration camp.

One day there was an air raid while Kardos was walking with the imprisoned wife of some political big wig. They rushed back to the bunker too late. A woman warder closed the door in their faces and shouted, “better you die in the air raid, you Hungarian Schwein.”

But there was a direct hit on the walls of the camp and Kardos and her friend were able to flee safely.

The point of this is that Hitler and his minions had access to the most famous psychics and astrologers of Europe and they used them. Some served gratefully. But for others, it was a game of cat and mouse survival and they found ways of not telling Hitler what he really needed to know.

And the projected elimination of all Jews was mainly in order to catch and kill the projected Avatar of the Jewish people.


©2012 Mark B. Anstendig. All rights reserved.

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