The Fallacy About Financial “Systems” That Have Failed


The central fallacy in the world’s thinking about the financial systems that have recently failed is that they were once excellent, even perfectly functioning systems that went wrong.

That belief is patently untrue: the world financial systems did not go wrong and fail because once good systems went wrong and simply failed. The financial systems of the world are exactly the way they were conceived and executed to be by the financial people who devised them. They were in all their aspects devised and executed to be exactly what they were, namely for the personal gain of those profiting from them to the complete expense of, and lack of concern for, those who suffered the loses from them.

In other words, the financial organizations of the world, as well as the overall financial organization of the world of finance, were cleverly and quite deviously organized and set up for the types of rampant misuse of assets for the profit of the people running them that have shown themselves during this melt down.

In other words, there was never any well thought out, well organized financial system for the benefit of everyone that just happened to go wrong or be misused by those who ran it into the ground by the 2008 time period.

The financial systems of most of the world were organized for the profiteering of those who ran them for their own enormous benefit, gain, and plundering, which reached its height in 2008, when the world woke up to find that there was really nothing much left, that it had all already been plundered and it was all collapsing.

And absolutely obviously, though few seem to come out and say it, the reason it could go on so long was the deviousness of those milking the system and especially the greed of most others who expected that they, too, could profit from it.

It was this innate deviousness of most people and their greedy ambitions, even though most had little insight into any of it, that allowed it to go as far as it went. Because almost no one wanted to heed any warnings or have anything about it changed until he or she, too, cleaned up in it.

Clearly, today’s big mistake in governments is speaking of the problem as a once-working system that went wrong, and now needs to have what went wrong fixed.

That is patently not true.

There never was a correctly working, or even an honest system. There is nothing to fix. There never was a working system, especially not for today’s world of almost total immediate disclosure of almost everything. The world has been awakened and become vigilant and suspicious.

The whole financial world has to be reconceived, rethought, and re-executed as a totally new true world financial system that has a chance of serving everyone justly, equally and safely. That never was even thought of. And it never will be if the world governments simply attempt to fix what was. The whole world would simply be chasing an illusion that never existed. Yet exactly that is what most statements one hears these days are saying. What Obama speaks of never existed.  It cannot be gotten back to. It has to now be created for the first time.