God is pure immaterial consciousness and the immaterial cannot beget the material. But still, God was able to conceive of a material world mated with immaterial consciousness and has gone to enormous trouble imagining, planning and then putting into action (in the form of an illusion) what a mating of the material and the immaterial should be.

So, if we are that impossible, imagined world of the material and the immaterial working together, why does so much of it seem flawed, deformed, ruined by illness, etc.?

The answer lies in the nature of consciousness: consciousness has to “know”. Add to that, the concept of the “artist”, who has to create complete art works. We can, thereby, begin to comprehend that, in imagining and creating this machine that we are, which combines the materiality with immateriality, God had to create every possibility, every possible variation of the machine in order to fulfill and satisfy his needs as pure consciousness.

Here we begin to get a glimpse into why the ancient wise people claim that music is a main basis in God’s plan of this world: while there are other things about music that underlie the plan of this creation, in this aspect, “Theme and variations” is the musical model. Each one of us, and each stage of change we go through during our lifetimes, is another theme and variation of the original machine. And God had to create all the possible variations of this machine that we are to satisfy his needs as pure consciousness having to create all the possibilities.