Photographs by

Mark B. Anstendig

Joachim Ansorge

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Jochen Ansorge

These portraits of the actor Joachim (known as Jochen to his friends) Ansorge are certainly among the greatest portrait series of a man ever photographed.

They have a range of expression seldom found in anyone, and a fine differentiation of expressions that was Ansorge's genius.

The photos are also absolutely state of the art for  photography ca 1963-64, and remain so even today, 2007. Nothing surpasses them for focusing accuracy. Lighting is complex and differentiated. The subject was allowed free movement to do whatever he wanted. He was never asked to remain still. And all were captured with technical excellence beyond that which was possible in that day, due to the use of the Messraster focusing device by Joseph Dahl in cameras adjusted and focused by Mr. Dahl, himself, who worked with me in the use of that technology.

I love this series, because the photos so precisely capture this man's marvelous nature, beauty of spirit, depth of experience and much more, and, therefore, bring me back indelibly and bittersweetly to a now lost time of great substance.

Almost all the photos of Ansorge are usable, and much more will be added as time allows.

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