Photographs by

Mark B. Anstendig

People I Knew

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Valeska Gert
The great grotesque pantomime

The greatest portrait series I know.
There is nothing else like it anywhere.

Ron Henggeler series

The most fascinating, most illuminated person I have ever met photo series

Tony Strilko series

Suzanne Bloch series

Richard Krauss series

Werner Juhrke at my Fasching party series

Lissa Bauer


Valeska Gert, great grotesque pantomime series

James Baldwin, great American writer series

W.H. Auden series

Andre Ratti series

Ula Larsson, my favorite model series

Uwe Jens Serger, artist series

Anneliese Römer, the Great German Theater and Film Actress series

Siegrid, Countess of Richthofen series

Van Cliburn series

Michelle Berg

Bernhard Heiliger series

Lurman series

Wade Williams series

Jochen Engel series

Wolfgang Prinz series

Wolfgang Schaefer

Professor Hartig

Frau Hoffman series

Helen Vita series

Ed Mobbs series

Mother series

Fritzy Balasz series

Rainer Rudolph series

Ursula Kardos series


Herbert "Jim" Baker series

John Welsh

Phillip series

Brunilda Ruiz,
Harkness Ballet Solo Dancer Portraits

Lothar series

Klauss Tarek series

Gisela series

Domino series

Lucille Ellis series

Jurgen Draeger series

Huhner Hugo series

Joachim Ansorge series

Reinhold Ebertin series

Dieter Schwager series

Ernst Maerzendorfer series

Beryl Cunningham series

Francoise Rosay series

Hannalore Solf series

Axel Radke series

Hermann Ebeling series

Petra Schroeder series

Gloria Valoris

Winslow Brothers

Zaidee Parkinson

Peter Burian

Brunilda Ruiz - Fifty years later

Thomas Stewart & Evelyn Lear

Joseph Dahl

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