Photographs by

Mark B. Anstendig

Ursula Kardos

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Ursula Kardos was Europe's most famous clairvoyant for over a half century, and was one of my closest friends in Berlin.

When I knew her, Ursula was already retired, except for some work for the largest firms in Europe and the US. She saw people personally for free once or twice a week, by appointment. But otherwise, she lived 
in a remarkable villa in Berlin Dahlem, which was totally fenced in by a massive cement and concrete wall, and had enormous grounds. Almost every day I picked Ursula up around noon. We drove to one of the nearest lakes (Berlin has lots of lakes) and took a walk around the lake.

Ursula avoided all press and exposure and never let anyone else photograph her anymore in those late years of her life. My photos of Ursula are very rare, indeed.


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