In memorium, KLAUSS TAREK

Klauss Tarek was an actor, and a good friend of mine.

Born Klaus Pzytarski in Berlin, he changed his name to Klauss Tarek for his acting career.

One of my best friends, he was charming, artistically virtuoso, fabulous looking within his type, and intellectually brilliant. He helped me with a lot of difficult writing in German, including magazine articles, and introduced me, and afterwards, Joseph Dahl to his brother, who owned one of the leading plexiglass firms in Germany and who was going to manufacture Messrasters for Joseph Dahl, if Dahl had not died abruptly.

Klauss was "gay" and conflicted about it. He had a wonderful "friend" who adored him and his career was beginning to take off. But that was during the 50s and 60s and being gay was difficult. Klauss suffered from the demands of his life and from his not being able to live freely as what he was. Ultimately, he committed suicide just as things were going well for him. That was a very hard blow for me and his other good friends. One from which we never really completely recovered.


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