Students demonstrating in West Berlin

Not exactly a photographic masterpiece, this photo does embody the tone of West Berlin during these magnificent times:

West Berlin put the rest of the world to shame during the late 50's through the 60's for interest and real concern about all issues of the world of that very important time. And the students of West Berlin were at the center of it all.

Berlin had many universities, trade schools, conservatories and more. And all were strongly supported by government monies. Students were encouraged and even helped to go to school in the divided city....more so even than elsewhere in Europe, where most higher education was state supported at that time. Most students were truly grateful for all educational opportunities and the considerable added perks of studying in West Berlin and took the role of developing citizens of the world very seriously.

The interest in all new ideas and insights was extraordinary and people gave of themselves in the service of progress and improvement like nowhere else I know.

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