The soul of the peaceful revolutionary demonstration

This photo reveals a lot for me:

People think the attempts at peaceful demonstration and protest in the US during the late 60s was where it all began. They are wrong.

That kind of peaceful demonstration, often of a high-minded revolutionary type, reached its epitome in West Berlin in the 50s and especially the early 60s.

This photo embodies the best of it all for me. I find the two main figures in the forefront magnificent! They are so sure and so convinced of right and wrong and so beautiful in the way they express it, it is breathtaking.

They were acquaintances, not friends, of mine. Friends of other closer friends.

After 40 years I am no longer sure, but I seem to remember his name to be Nicholas Deutsch (I may be wrong). The girl's name I haven't a clue.

But the whole scene embodies the soul of the peaceful revolutionary spirit for me, a spirit out to change the World for the better. And West Berlin was where the beauty of it began, in all its simple glory.

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