This is Jeno at his most glorious.

He is in the midst of a West Berlin demonstration.

But look at the head. At the expression. It is grand beyond belief. And he is not just in the demonstration, if you look closely and study the face, he is "experiencing" everything going on. He is "in the vibe" in the truest meaning of that expression. And he is both in it and above it. One person that moment caught everything that was going on and more. That was Jeno.

That is why artists like the great Elizabeth Flickenschild allowed only Jeno to get into her limousine after a performance of "Elizabeth, Queen of England", and why an Anneliese Rothenberger sang Mozart for him alone after he stayed the night, and why Rudolph Nureyev first stayed with Jeno in Jeno's London apartment, and why even a Living Theater welcomed him on two continents. etc.

He was magnificent. The most naturally conscious person I have ever met. So much so that he had to hide his light most of the time. But in this photo, everything is all there.

How we take our closest for granted. I never did a photo sitting of Jeno. Just shots here and there. And precious few of them. This photo is one single, isolated shot of Jeno in the midst of many of the demonstration. I am so glad I have found it.

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